Haus of Sankofa

“Carlin, I cannot express how your Green Goddess has helped me.I take it before I go to sleep, in my tea,
I sleep through the night, no more hot flashes, more energy, thyroid balance, and it has been fantastic!
I started off thrilled to support you and your business; however, now I’m also thrilled how much it has transformed my health! Thanks!”

Kira P

“I was blessed to have come across Carlin’s product during the pandemic and it has been essential to my life and well being. Upon taking it, I immediately saw everything positive it was doing for my body. Carlin’s seamoss is the truth!”

Kamili M.

I am so grateful that Carlin introduced me to the Swami diet. After getting my test results I noticed that all of my favorite foods were contributing to my thyroid illness. I love how easy easy I could read the results. My packet even included an easy to download shopping list and recipes. After 3 months of strictly following the diet, I noticed a difference in my energy level and overall appearance. I’m forever grateful to Carlin & Swami.

-Michele H.

Haus Collection


Personalized eating and lifestyle plan based on your complete heritable genetic identity.


Haus Herbs

There is an array of herbs that help support our bodies. Those herbs can be turned into capsules, tinctures or teas.

Come on in and find what supports you!

Health is Wealth!

Sea Moss Chews

Here is an easier way to take sea moss. The children will love it!

Yummy Chews