About Us

Haus of Sankofa is an online apothecary founded by Carlin Hafiz, a two-time triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) survivor. Her experiences inspired her to create a place where people can learn about natural health, take control of their well-being, and use culturally-inspired remedies that help support the body. Haus of Sankofa uses high-quality ingredients to create formulas that help support health or combat various issues. The philosophy of Sankofa, which means "return and fetch it," is at the heart of Haus of Sankofa. It emphasizes the importance of returning to our roots to move forward and achieve our full potential. Haus of Sankofa aims to help people discover their body's innate healing power.

Haus of Sankofa offers a personalized eating and lifestyle plan called SWAMI Genotype Lifestyle. This science-based program is tailored to your unique epigenotype, which is determined by your complete heritable genetic identity. The program includes blood tests, specific measurements, fingerprint readings, a meal planner, a personalized app for your phone, and coaching sessions. With the SWAMI Genotype Lifestyle, you can optimize your health journey and live an extraordinary and abundant life!