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What is SWAMI (So What Am I) / The Genotype Lifestyle?

The SWAMI Genotype Lifestyle is an expanded, refined version of ‘The Blood Type Diet.’ That is based on the ‘Eat Right for Your Type’ by Peter D’Adamo, an American Naturopathic physician, professor, researcher, and scientist.

Your blood type is one of the most significant markers of genetic individuality (your ‘genetic blueprint’) and is a key factor influencing many areas of health and well-being. A single drop of blood contains a biochemical makeup unique to you as your fingerprint.

Research shows that your blood type can determine your susceptibility to certain diseases or disorders and influence your risk of certain infections. It can even control which bacteria co-exist inside your digestive tract. Blood types correlate with stomach acid levels, stress hormone levels, and responses to lectins and glutens in specific foods.  

As recent research in genetics is repeatedly confirming, gene function (& expression) is constantly changing daily, and whether a gene is ‘read’ or ‘silenced’ is determined by the foods we eat, the exercise we engage in, the thoughts we have and the environmental conditions we live in. Certain foods will activate ‘positive’ genes depending on your specific genotype, and others will trigger the expression of ‘negative’ genes.  

Because your blood type antigens are everywhere, they also influence how your body reacts to certain foods containing ‘lectins.’ These proteins can bind with blood-type antigens in your digestive tract, on red blood cells, and many other tissues within the body, inciting agglutination (clumping together), inflammation, and dysfunction in these structures. This can result in weight gain, fatigue, migraines, skin issues, digestive issues, and other complaints.

As a result, different diets and lifestyles are suited to varying types of individuals. It is true that ‘No one diet fits all.’  

‘Eating right for your (geno)type’ has the ability to enhance your health by optimizing the function of all your bodily systems – it can reveal how to nourish your body with exactly the right foods and types of activities; it can also aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, increase energy levels, enhance your digestion and absorption of nutrients, and most importantly, help you live a long, healthy life.

The SWAMI Genotype Lifestyle is a truly personalized eating and lifestyle plan based on your complete heritable genetic identity. SWAMI Genotype Lifestyle analyzes this unique data to provide you with a life-long 45-page eating and exercise plan based on your unique epigenotype.

The SWAMI Genotype Lifestyle is a program that includes blood tests, specific measurements, fingerprint readings, a meal planner, a personalized app for your phone, and four coaching sessions for three months. 

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